New To Daycare? 3 Tips For Communicating With Your Child’s Teacher

You spent the past several weeks exploring potential child care programs, and now you have found one that you know supports your child's development. In fact, you are thrilled to know that your child's teacher is someone that you can trust. Yet, you still find it difficult to bring up questions when you see that the classroom is always buzzing with activity. Fortunately, you can keep communication open with your child's teacher by using these strategies.

Ask About Their Preferred Method For Communication

Technology has increased communication among teachers and parents today since emails and phone calls make it easy to share information when time is short. However, everyone has a preference, and your child's teacher may prefer to receive an email or handwritten note that they can answer during their downtime. Alternatively, your teacher may prefer to speak in person, and they will find a few spare moments if you let them know ahead of time.

Request a Conference For Serious Concerns

There are some types of discussion that require arranging for a conference so that you can be certain to have enough time to resolve your concerns. This is especially true if you are reporting a new health concern such as an allergy that may require multiple staff members to be informed of the changes. Simply let your child's teacher or the director of the program know that you would like a conference. When you set up a time, let them know what you would like to discuss so that they can make sure everyone is able to be there that will be involved in your child's care.

View Your Child's Teacher As a Partner In Their Education

When you have a concern, it can be a little nerve wracking to express it to your child's teacher. Yet, it helps to remember that daycare teachers have a great deal of experience, and they are always ready to do what they can to help with your child. Looking at your child's teacher as someone who is a partner in your child's development sets a positive tone for your conference that enhances the parent-teacher relationship.

Quality daycares encourage communication between teachers and parents, yet it helps to know how to let your child's teacher know what is going on in their life. Whether you have a concern or just want an update on your child's progress, remember that communication is key to ensuring that your child gets the most out of their program.