Famous Artist Preschool Projects That You Can Create At Home

Art doesn't have to stay in the preschool classroom. Even though school is done for the day, the week or the summer, your child can take home some of the artsy activities that she does during her pre-K day. Don't worry. Not every parent is an artist (very few are). Your 3- to 5-year-old doesn't expect you to paint like Monet, Picasso, or Van Gogh. But she may enjoy an art project (or a few) that focus on these famous artists. If you're look for a few creatively crafty art ideas for your preschool-aged child to try at home, check these out!

Monet Finger Paint

Did Monet use a brush to create his now-famous works? Of course. But your child doesn't have to. She can create Impressionist-inspired art – with her fingers. The Impressionists used visible brushstrokes as they recreated light-soaked outdoor scenes. They painted what they saw, taking the environment (including time of day and season) into consideration.

Take your child outside (or watch from a window, if the weather won't cooperate) to paint a landscape in the style of Monet. Pour tempera paints onto a palette or a thick piece of cardboard. Give your child a piece of white paper or card stock, and encourage her to finger paint the natural scene in front of her. Like Monet, she can layer the paint and leave behind 'brushstrokes'. In this case, the visible marks come from your child's fingers and not a brush.

Picasso Collage

Create cubist art preschool style! Hand out the crayons or markers, and ask your child to draw a portrait. Concentrate on the facial features (the eyes, the nose and the mouth). After the drawing is done, your child can cut the portrait into pieces. Rearrange the pieces, and glue them onto a piece of card stock paper. Encourage your child to mix up the pieces, putting the eyes on opposite end of the new face or switching the placement of the nose and mouth.

Van Gogh with Glitter

Recreate Van Gogh's iconic Starry Night in glitter. This preschool project lets your little learner get crafty with sparkles while practicing her fine motor skills. Ask your child to draw her version of what a 'starry night' looks like onto thick paper, such as card stock. Add a layer of water colors, painting the drawing with nighttime-themed hues and let the artwork dry.

Now it's time for the glitter. Pour a thin layer of glitter into a small-sized paper cup (or onto a paper plate). Have your child use the end of a toothpick to dot the glue onto the drawing where the stars go. Sprinkle glitter onto the wet glue and shake off the excess.

Your pre-k student enjoys art in the classroom. Take the crafts and creations out of school and try a few famous artist themed projects in your kitchen, family room or even outside in your own backyard. For more learning and development tips, contact a school like Pioneer Career & Technology Center.